Piper’s Maiden Voyage

We had a wonderful weekend in Gig Harbor, WA. The weather couldn’t have been better and after not having R’ Lil’ Ship for almost 2 months while it was being maintenanced and repaired, it was so good to be back on the water. Everything about being on the water just seems “right”.

In addition to boat repairs and maintenace we adopted a new crew member at the end of Summer, Piper. We found Piper under a car at one of my apartment properties. She was starving, and had a broken back leg. We took her to King County Animal Shelter where a very kind vet repaired her broken leg. Unfortuantely no one ever came forward to claim her so the shelter asked us if we wanted her. Of course we had to help her!

Even though we were losing daylight, we made our way slowly and arrived at the Gig Harbor public dock just after sunset. Luckily there was plenty of room and we didn’t have to try and anchor in the dark. Being that it was Piper’s first time on the boat, quick and easy access to land was convenient for her first night. As it turned out, she took to our porteguese bridge potty patch without issue! Good Dog Piper!

On Saturday morning after a brisk morning walk through town and a visit to a few of the local Gig Harbor mercahnts we untied and set anchor in the harbor. Our friends arrived in their beautiful 53′ Selene and rafted for the night. With 3 of our group celebrating November birthdays, we enjoyed a really good dinner at Brix 25 which served traditional PNW cuisine.

On Sunday morning before pulling up anchor we decided to take the now, 3 fur-babies into shore to stretch their legs and get out some energy that 3 dogs just can’t expel on a 40′ boat. We no sooner loaded the dogs into the dinghy when we heard the all familiar “SPLASH” only to realize that Piper had slipped off the tube and was swimming around the dinghy. After coaxing her back, hosing her down and drying her off we finally made it to shore for a much shorter walk than originally planned! Life is never dull with dogs and at least now we know Piper can swim!

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