R Lil’ Ship is a 2006 N4011, 4057.  She is a 40ft Nordhavn and is able to take us around the world safely, comfortably and economically. She has a full displacement hull design, a displacement of 50,000 pounds and carries 920 gallons of fuel.  This gives her a range of 2,450 miles at 7 kts. Burning 2.6 gallons an hour.  With this range she can cruise from California to Hawaii.

Our cruising plan starts with the big U from West to East.  Which is starting in Alaska and ending up in Maine with side trips down the West Coast, into the Panama Canal, Caribbean, and up the East Coast.  Jenna is interested in cross over to Europe which requires a boat that can cross oceans along with being an able coastal cruiser.  For this, we knew and wanted a full displacement passage maker as outline in Voyaging Under Power, 4th edition, by Robert Beebe and Denis Umstot.

We heard about a cruising couple, Jennifer, and James Hamilton owner of N52 Dirona and read their articles, blog, and book Cruising the Secret Coast: Unexplored Anchorages on British Columbia’s Inside Passage. They proved that a couple can cruise the world on the right boat. There are many capable boats out there for our mission, and we looked at a lot. We looked a Diesel Ducks, Selenes, Kadey Krogen, Cape Horns, Hatteras LCR, and a host of others, but Jenna kept coming back to Nordhavns.  She felt it was a proven company, over a long period, with a number of people cruising the world in their boats.  So, the hunt started.  With our budget we started looking at N40, 43 and 46’s.  After looking at a couple of N40, N43, and an N47 (out of budget) we headed up to Anacortes to look at an N46.  As luck would have it, there was another couple looking at the N46, and Frank Durksen, owner of AAA Yacht Finders and great broker and person, had us wait on a N40 that he just listed. 

Originally, we thought the N40 might be too small, but while we waited, we started looking around seriously and within a very short time fell in love with the boat . It was perfect for us and our cruising plans whether that was just serious coastal cruising or crossing oceans.  The N40 keeps all the options open, and fits the maxim that we have come to believe fits our lifestyle — find the smallest boat that fits your mission that you can be comfortable living on for extended periods. 

In the words of Mae West, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.

Our mutley crew… Daisy, Roux and Piper