4th of July in Quartermaster Harbor

For several years we have anchored in Quartermaster Harbor to watch the epic firework display. This year was exceptional! The firework show was over 15 minutes long and all the homes that line this harbor must spend a small fortune as firework displays are prevalent in every direction you look. In the daytime we could see colored smoke bombs and felt the reverberation of “booms” leading up to the actual show.

Prior to this thrilling evening, we enjoyed the company of our G-dock buddies once again. This years raft consisted of a 8 boats ranging in size from 30′ to 53′. We backed the boats up stern to stern, setting anchors on each side so as to stay fairly steady and not turn. Dinghy’s and kayaks then fill the area in between each side and we have a good time travelling to and fro all the while being vigilant so that we don’t take and accidental dip!

Friends visiting from California intentionally took a swim on the one day the sun came out and it was fairly warm. We kayaked, hiked and took several dinghy rides around the harbor. There is an interesting little cut that can only be accessed at high tide. It reminds me a bit of the Louisiana Bayou minus the alligators!

Over the next few days the raft up dwindled down to 3 boats. When it became time to leave on Sunday, Empress, 53 Selene, had windless problems. After much trouble shooting, which included checking the voltage, solenoid, breaker, and switch, We broke the windless apart and found the motor had broken its casing not allowing it to release or retrieve. One hour later, 2 old farts and one young buck at 47 pulled up two hundred feet of 3/8 chain and 110lb Bruce anchor and home everybody went.

Categories: Puget Sound Boating

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