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Maiden Voyage

We have owned Escapade since December but until recently have only spent a few short weekends on her whilst transiting to have work done or staycations at our dock. Nothing that could really be considered a true “maiden voyage” or journey. So when it was time to head north to Victoria BC, Canada for the Nordhavn Owners Rendezvous a cruise […]

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Whoops, we did it again!

Although we were not really looking and the last half of 2021 was riddled with life event challenges, we jumped in feet first and did it again! Yep, you guessed it, we bought yet another boat despite foolishly convincing ourselves we wouldn’t buy another. We found a Nordhavn 47 that will afford us much more room and creature comforts as we continue pursuing our dreams of traveling and cruising. We had always said that if a N47 came available in the Pacific Northwest and in our price range, we might take a shot at it, but it really wasn’t something we were actively pursuing. So when the captain non chalantly mentioned their was a 47 for sale in Anacortes the 1st mate’s response was, “well did you call the broker?” Of course that was as good as any buying signal one would need! This particular trawler is a little older, very well traveled, in fact we beleive she has crossed the Atlantic at least 1-2 times and as previously mentioned, is in need of some tender loving care. But, her bones are solid and after owning a Nordhavn 40 for 5 years, we feel more confident in our knowledge, abilities and the where-with-all to get her fixed up. We affectionatley call her “Project E” as we have named her Escapade. Like the Janet Jackson song, we hope she will take us on many escapades in the future! So the plan […]

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1st Anchoring of the 2021 Season

Well it is finally February and the weather is getting a little better! Days are slowly getting longer by 1-2 minutes each day and the sun is starting to coming out. We lucked out with both Saturday and Sunday forecasted for sun/clouds/overcast and no RAIN! Taking advantage of this, we spent the weekend anchored in Gig Harbor, WA. This is our 1st anchor of 2021 so the Captain had to pump up the dinghy tubes and check the Evinrude. The harbor was mostly all ours, not many other boats choose to anchor. We did notice that the public dock was full. Saturday was absolutely glorious so we were able to get in a good walk and even discovered a new trail that is fairly close to the harbor. Of course we stopped at one of our favorite pet stores where the fur-babies were given treats, and we left with a back-pack full of more treats and a new night-shirt for Piper. Not that Piper really gets cold, she just looks so adorable in clothes we couldn’t resist! After the pet store, we just started walking and happened upon the Cushman Trail. From point to point the trail is about 6 miles long and has a significant grade depending on which direction your walking. We caught the trail off of Rosedale Street, walked to the end, and then took Harborview Drive back to the town. All in all we meandered about […]

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2020 Lighted Boat Parade

This will be our 4th year attending the Gig Harbor lighted boat parade. Perhaps because this crazy covid year has kept folks in lockdown, there were more lighted boats and parade watchers than in any of the previous years. We heard one estimate was that there were at least 50-parade boats in attendance! Folks really went all out and even […]

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