Veteran’s Day Long Weekend at Bainbridge Island

We took advantage of the long weekend and headed to Eagle Harbor for Veteran’s Day weekend. Normally with only two days off and a slow boat, we wouldn’t go this far but we really love Bainbridge Island and all that it has to offer that makes anchoring so convenient and enjoyable.

Waterfront Trail Walking Guide

For starters, the new public dock always has space for our dinghy and its relatively easy when we need to take our three doggo’s ashore. The town of Winslow is just a couple blocks away and has many restaurants, shops, a fabulous full service grocery store and of course dog stores. In fact we found Piper a pair a pink non-slip dog socks to help her navigate the decks especially when wet! Another bonus on this location is that the local stations come in very strong and we can catch all the football on Saturday and Sunday! (Go Hawks)

This visit, we walked the entire waterfront trail which totaled jut over 5 miles. The walk is easy with very few elevation changes and not allot of traffic. The beauty of autumn is everywhere and there are many interesting things to see on the walk as the trail winds in and out of the town and throughout residential areas. We have not had the chance to enter the historical museum because we always have our dogs with us, but they have some very cool pieces outside and we imagine the inside would be just as interesting.

A couple of our more memorable finds on this walk were red wild mushrooms, stairs to no-where and a large piece of drift wood that really looked like a giant squid.

The only drawback to anchoring in Eagle Harbor now, is that the city is putting in long-term buoys to support low income housing/boaters. They seem to be placing these new buoys in a grid that would be prime anchoring for visiting boaters. We had a bit of a difficult time finding a decent place to anchor, and ended up anchoring farther out and closer to the ferries. Come summer, this may not be ideal for more than just a few boaters but we hope to continue to be able to visit and anchor in the future.

The views of Seattles and the evening sunsets are always so beautiful…

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