TPS – Arabella Rendezvous

Arabella’s was our 1st official outing with the Tacoma Power Squadron this year. A small craft advisory and high winds were expected for our short trip from Chinook Marina and upon arriving heavy rains came down. While I feel we are capable now of docking R Lil’ Ship on our own, its always great to arrive and have lots of help as is the case with the Tacoma Power Squadron group. There are always lots of friendly faces waiting to help out.

The weather wasn’t too bad and while cold, we did manage to get out for a good walk, exploring some of Gig Harbor we have not seen before. I think thats one of the things I appreciate about our weekend jaunts on the boat, while we are still working we never have enough time to explore a place fully but everytime we visit for a weekend, we have the opportunity to see something new.

Mike was able to find a nice little park and practiced launching his new Mavic Pro 2 drone. He’s practicing in prepartion for our scenic Barclay Sound trip in July. I always love seeing the fishing boats in Gig Harbor and we even got to watch a little otter busy himself along a dock running back and forth. We also took some items over to the Second Wave store for consignment. If you have never been there, it can be a treasure trove of all types of marine and boating items that folks donate or consign. Even if you come away with nothing at all, its fun to look around.

The Tacoma Power Squadron hosted a great breakfast and everyone gathered in the evening for a potluck dinner. Its always nice to see everyone and catch up, so much changes in just a couple of months. We also had the opportunity to tour a beautiful 42′ Kadey Krogen from one our new members, and I learned how to play the game of Left, Right, Center.

Another good time boating locally on R Lil’ Ship!

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