Dock Hopping Weekend – 3 days and 4 stops!

What do you do on a 3-day weekend with no specific plans? Well we decided to dock hop. On Saturday morning, we headed over to Dockton Marina so I could practice pivoting and docking. Following the guidance of Douglas Cochran who is a former Nordhavn owner and has created many handy and informative You tube videos, I set out out to practice. It was a pretty windy day and the first time I tried docking in the wind. For a newby I now know what all the fuss is about when its even a little bit windy and can say the wind is not my friend! After several tries we ended up tying up at Dockton and took the girls (Daisy and Roux – Furbabies) ashore for a stretch.

After Dockton we lazily headed over to the “Dock” in Tacoma. Utilizing our wing engine so as to give it some excercise it was a slow but steady progression. Once docked, (and yes I docked again successfully on the 2nd try) we hunkered down as it started to downpour and watched a movie. Later that evening we had dinner and drinks at Rock the Dock Pub and enjoyed some bluesy rock from a local band.

On Sunday we left Tacoma and mosied our way over to Gig Harbor and tied up at the Tides restaurant where we met friends to watch the Saints/Rams game. Our team didn’t win but we had a good time! Around 330pm we left Gig Harbor and headed back to Tacoma, but this time we tied up to the Point Defiance Public Dock. For a mere $30 to stay overnight with power, its a pretty good deal. We walked the girls down Owens beach and watched more movies, had an ice cream sandwhich and just chilled.

If ever you have no set plans, I would highly recommend dock hopping!

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