March TPS Rendezvous

The first official Tacoma Power Squadron rendezvous of 2023 took place close to home in Tacoma, WA at Dock Street Marina. I think we traveled all of 2 NM to get to Dock Street from our marina but regardless of how far we cruise everytime we untie our lines and set out, there is always a sense of excitement. You never know what will happen, what you might encounter or see! Uneventuful for the most part but we did have some crazy 32knot wind gusts kick up. No problem for Escapade though, shes built like a tank and seems to handles crazy weather pretty well!

After we tie up and ensure the power is on, like clock work we tend to the 3 fur-babies who need to do their business and survey their new surroundings. While they don’t love being underway in stormy/windy conditions, once on land it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, they are on point and ready for adventure!

Once back from our dog walking duties, we got to visit with other members attending the rendezvous and assist those still coming in with their docking. For new boaters, the Power Squadrons are a terrific way to learn about boating and make new boating friends. Costs are quite affordable (less than $100 to join) and the focus is all about earning and safety on the water. We have been members for 16 years and have learned so much.

The hosts for this weekend arranged for a pretty chill weekend. We had a potluck Friday night. Everyone contributed some great dishes but the weather wasn’t very co-operative so I think everyone gobbled down their meal and retreated to the warmth of their vessels! Saturday’s weather was much better, winds calmed down and the sun came out. We participated in a fun scavenger hunt where we had to find items along the waterfront and around the Glass Museum. It was a perfect event for us as we were able to take the doggos along for a nice trek. We are still rehabbing Roux’s ACL injury so she needs several daily walks that help strengthen her muscles and repaired joint. Unexpectedly, we discovered three new small trails and reacquainted with the waterfront. We had forgotton how much is in this area that one can divert themselves with.

Later in the evening we learned that we won the Scavenger Hunt and were presented with our prize, 2 wine corks and The Cork Boat book by John Pollack. Apparently this book is a true story about John Pollack, a speechwriter in WA that set out to pursue his boyhood dream of building a boat made entirely of wine corks! Sounds like a greeat book to read on our next long cruise. Saturday evening we were treated to a very special Paella dinner on our good friends boat. A lovely way to end a really great day.

Unfortunately, Sundays always come too soon and we have to say our goodbyes, returning to reality, that a new work week is not far off….

Our blustery cruise to Dock Street. 32k gusts.

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