Whoops, we did it again!

Although we were not really looking and the last half of 2021 was riddled with life event challenges, we jumped in feet first and did it again! Yep, you guessed it, we bought yet another boat despite foolishly convincing ourselves we wouldn’t buy another. We found a Nordhavn 47 that will afford us much more room and creature comforts as we continue pursuing our dreams of traveling and cruising.

We had always said that if a N47 came available in the Pacific Northwest and in our price range, we might take a shot at it, but it really wasn’t something we were actively pursuing. So when the captain non chalantly mentioned their was a 47 for sale in Anacortes the 1st mate’s response was, “well did you call the broker?” Of course that was as good as any buying signal one would need!

This particular trawler is a little older, very well traveled, in fact we beleive she has crossed the Atlantic at least 1-2 times and as previously mentioned, is in need of some tender loving care. But, her bones are solid and after owning a Nordhavn 40 for 5 years, we feel more confident in our knowledge, abilities and the where-with-all to get her fixed up. We affectionatley call her “Project E” as we have named her Escapade. Like the Janet Jackson song, we hope she will take us on many escapades in the future!

So the plan remains…retire in 1 year 10 months, rent or sell the house and move onto Escapade so we can cruise full-time. We have lots to do in the mean time so stay tuned for more blogs on our progress.

MV Escapade N4710

5 thoughts on “Whoops, we did it again!

  1. Congratulations !
    I just purchased N47#59 in Bari (www.my-sisu.fi). Can’t wait to make the first trips in the Med. You’re plan sounds good…
    I hope to see more information from your lovely MV Escapade


    1. Michael Ashbrook

      Thank you all. We are very excited, and the first big project is compete — all new black water hoses! Mario your SISU is great and N47 is beautiful. I love the color of the new striping.


      1. Dear Michael, thanks a lot. This color is very important to me – its the color of the logo of my company (magtivio.com).
        SISU was well maintained in her earlier life. Due to covid, the boat was not used over a year before the survey. It was quite a job to get her shiny again. The boat is in Bari at Nautica Ranerie. Its a privately owned shipyard with a great team and service. I’m so happy that they took over all the work. There is only a new FLIR, some polishing tasks and peller a 3rd layer of anti fouling. Can’t wait to see her next week on the 01st of April. We will start with a 3 day training with Philip Roach, director Nordhavn Europe. I think after that I will go to Montenegro to fill her up with fuel.

        Good to hear that your first project is done. I’d love to see more of your future adventures.


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