Northbound to Everett, WA

In order to travel farther while we are still working we have to preplan extra days off in advance. So when we scheduled a 4-day weekend it allows us to get the boat out for a good cruise especially after having R LiL Ship on the hard for some much needed work like replacing the head hoses. The weather forecasted a major snow-storm due to an unusual polar vortex, and we had to make a decision. Our original plan was to head North to Everett, WA a marina and area we have never visited before by boat. Should we go, stay home, staycation on the dock, or go somewhere closer? In the end we decided to just do it! Since we have such a sturdy blue water boat with a very capable diesel hurricane heater, we decided to move forward with our plans despite the unusual weather predictions.

We left fairly early as the cruise to Evertt from Tacoma is a good 52 nautical miles and at an average of 6.5 knots we don’t get anywhere fast! The weather was overcast and grey but overall the cruise was fairly flat and easy. We hardly saw any other pleasure boaters the entire way. We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast underway and passed the hours practicing spanish lessons, cruise planning for this summer, and just enjoying the trip. Upon arrival at the marina, the snow really started coming down and sticking to the ground. It didn’t seem like there was going to be that much snow at first, but the snow continued all night and by the next morning there was 8 inches to a foot in some places. The snow continued the rest of our trip…

That being said, we didn’t really get to explore Everett as much as we would have liked. It was very cold and windy and we couldn’t stay out to long with the dogs. What we did see though was enough to make us want to return! We learned that Everett has one of the longest jetty’s across from the marina with a great beach, something that is very appealing to us in good weather with three exuberant dogs. The Marina itself is expansive. There seems to be a few good restuarants nearby, one Italian restaurant looked particulary appealing, however; they did not have any reservations due to the 25% capacity rule as we are still all working through with covid. There is a West Marine close by, Anthony’s which is always enjoyable and Safeway within walking distance, just a little over a mile away. We did end up braving the elements and trudging to the Safeway in a foot or so of snow so we could satisfy our sweet tooth!

Since there is a naval base in Everett, we would have liked to see more of the base and naval ships but again, weather conditions were tough for sight seeing. We were well entertained by several kite snow boarders taking advantage of the snow and high winds in the large adjacent field. Although the weather was cold and blustery, we just enjoyed the comfort of the diesel heater, watched movies and knocked out some small interior boat projects. We really enjoyed the general splendor and view of the white snow covering pretty much everything in sight from the inside of our comfortable vessel. Of course throughout the day we had to take a few potty walks where the fur-babies thoroughly took the opportunity to play in the snow, prancing and burying there heads. Everett we will return come summer!

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