End of Summer boating

There is no place like the Pacific NW in summertime, especially if you are a boater. Most days range from mid 70’s to mid 80’s with very little humidity. When summer starts to wane, green leaves start to turn shades of yellow, orange and red and the hoodies are being pulled from the closet, we scramble to spend as much time on the boat as possible. We still boat all winter long, but it’s a whole different type of boating.

Since we still work full time, our boating activities are mostly short weekend trips and with winter approaching our daylight hours get shorter and shorter. Hence we travel mostly to the same marina’s and anchorages unless we can get a couple extra days off.

The last week of August we visited Pt. Defiance and stayed on the public dock. The weather was still warm enough for shorts and tank tops and we hiked the 5 mile loop around point defiance. We had a lovely weekend and so we returned a couple weeks later. It struck me how rapidly the seasons change in just a couple of short weeks! We still braved the overcast skies with shorts, but we both brought light jackets. Leaves were already changing color and blue skies were now grey and misty.

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Winter is coming…

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